2 X 4 Fixture without Tubes

2 X 4 Fixture without Tubes

Product Description:

Sav-lite™ fixtures are cost effective and durable.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced with the use these fixtures as LED tube lights are non-integrated into the fixture.

Catalog Number : 2X4FO

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Product Description

The Sav-lite™ 2x4 LED Fixtures are appropriate for grid ceiling applications. Sav-lite™ troffers can be used in commercial and industrial down lighting as well as general illumination. Sav-lite™ fixtures are reliable, enduring and most efficient with the use of high powered Sav-lite™ LED tubes.


  • Huge savings in maintenance costs as Sav-lite™ fixtures practically last forever. The fixtures do not need to be replaced when tube lights stop working as tube lights are not integrated in the fixture
  • Lower power consumption
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Uniform illumination
  • Listings: UL
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • Installation (Simple retrofit):
  1. Install fixture in T-bar ceiling opening
  2. From the above ceiling, secure troffer to T-bar by bending built in T-bar clips on all 4 corners of the fixture
  3. From the above ceiling, remove the access plate and locate driver supply wires (1 black, 1 white, 1 green/ground, 1 purple (capped), 1 grey (capped))
  4. Remove one knockout in access plate and pull driver supply wires through the knockout opening
  5. Make electrical connections according to local code. Secure access plate back to the fixture
  6. Connections are parallel and not series


Technical Specifications

Catalog Number 2X4FO
U.S.Design Patent Number US D697,652 S
Product size (inches)(approx.)(l x h x w) 48x24x24
Packing Size (inches)(approx.) (w x h x d) 50x26x26

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